Is Counselling for me?

Whether you have been for counselling before or this is your first experience, I understand that making the first contact and attending the first session can feel like a daunting prospect. It is often the first step to talking about a problem, something you dislike about your current situation, uncomfortable feelings or something from your past. I cannot tell you how brave I believe you are, even just to be reading this page shows you are considering taking this big step to helping yourself.

My experience is that clients come to counselling for many different reasons and often want to gain something different from sessions, here are some examples:

  • Some clients are experiencing difficult feelings they do not understand and do not know how to change, such as anxiety, depression, having panic attacks or feeling sad. They want a space to explore these feelings together, to understand them better and find ways of coping.

  • Some clients come with a very clear idea of what they wish to talk about, for example if they have experienced a bereavement, trauma, family issues or relationship breakdown or have a difficult decision they’re facing and want a space to process their feelings to support them to move forward.

  • Others feel they benefit from a weekly space that is just for them, perhaps they don’t have a close friend or partner they feel they can open up to and find counselling helpful to offload and process what they are experiencing week to week.

  • Others perhaps don’t feel they have a particular ‘problem’ but feel they would like space to do some personal work, to understand themselves better, to learn and develop. For example in this scenario clients have a sense of something underlying and when they attend counselling they are not sure what is going to come out of it until they begin to open up. This has often resulted in clients uncovering something holding them back in life, exploration of how they are in relationships or a consideration of their personal boundaries and self care.

Long story short, there is no right or wrong reason to come for counselling, some clients find as little as 6 sessions helpful, whereas others attend longer term for several months or years. If you’re reading this page there is something within you that is feeling ready and is considering that you might find having this space helpful.

Working with a wide variety of clients has shown me how fragile life can be and the difficulties it can unknowingly throw at us. I believe I am a kind, gentle, caring person and that I can provide you with a safe space to reflect on and explore your feelings. Whatever you bring to counselling, please feel reassured that I will listen with an open mind, without judgement and we will always go at your own pace.