Kind Words

I have supported many clients over the years and saying goodbye is made so much easier by seeing how far they have come, often having grown in confidence, feeling in a much better place and having a better understanding of themselves. It is an honour to be on this journey with clients and I am always touched by such kind words which are often shared toward the end of our time together.

Male, 70s

“I have worked all my days and never struggled with mental health, but during lockdown I felt like I hit a brick wall. I felt so nervous to reach out for help, but as Sarah acknowledged in her profile that she knew how hard this can be, I felt reassured.

This was the hardest phone call to make, but it turned out to be the most rewarding phone call I have ever made.”

Donna, 30

“Having previously worked with a couple of different counsellors, I was looking for a new perspective on recurring issues and someone to help support me through them. I got in touch with Sarah and her genuine, empathetic nature immediately stood out. I was hesitant to try video sessions as I worried they’d be awkward, but Sarah made them as relaxed as possible and ensured I was in a safe space to share my feelings openly. It always felt like she was really listening to what I had to say and understood without passing judgement. Sarah was great at not overly guiding the sessions and just allowing me to discuss whatever was on my mind each time, only prompting me if I needed it. I feel I have made so much progress during our time together and feel like the heavy weight I was carrying on my chest at the start of our sessions has been lifted. I couldn’t recommend Sarah more, thanks to her kindness and compassion, I feel I can reach out to her again anytime if I need support.”

Emily, Teacher

“I have always considered myself to be a positive, upbeat person who can see the best in a bad situation, which is why I found it so difficult when I became “stuck” with persistent negative thoughts that I simply could not shake. After a weekend of feeling particularly anxious, I searched online and found Sarah’s counselling profile. I liked the sound of Sarah’s Person Centred approach and reached out to her, summarising a little bit about how I had been feeling. She replied to me quickly and with genuine empathy for my circumstances and we arranged to meet the following week.

I felt really nervous before our first meeting as was not sure what to expect at all. Within ten minutes I knew it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. I felt an instant sense of relief to speak with someone in total confidence about how anxious I had been feeling. I continued to see Sarah on a weekly basis, sometimes revisiting the same situation from different angles and perspectives, other times exploring feelings and experiences that perhaps underpinned why I was feeling the way I was. It felt very much like a shared journey that I led, guided by Sarah, to help unpin and unpick themes that caused me to feel particularly anxious. 

I could not recommend Sarah more highly. She is genuine, kind and caring and never once made me feel that she was judging any of what I shared with her. Her support meant everything to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to return to continue sessions with her again should I feel that I need them.”

Female, Professional, 30s

“I’d seen 2 different CBT counsellors before I found Sarah and, although they were nice enough, I didn’t really feel like CBT was resonating with me personally, but my experience with Sarah has been completely different. Sarah really, truly listens to you and is gentle in her approach which makes it feel like you’re opening up to a friend rather than a counsellor. She really gave me the space to question my perspective while encouraging me to take direct action to face-up to some of the mental struggles I’ve battled with for 15 years. I’ve learnt to be much kinder to myself – I can’t thank her enough.”


“I started counselling at a really low point in my life. Things became too much and I needed some perspective, someone impartial to listen to me and help me process things.

It’s difficult to dig deep and very emotional but is an outlet that is very much needed and as difficult as it was at times helped me release the pent up emotions to help me get through the days.

I would highly recommend Sarah and wouldn’t hesitate to return to counselling if I felt the need.”