Initial Appointment

Whether you have been for counselling before or this is your first experience, the first session can always feel like a daunting prospect.  It is often the first step to talking about a problem and can even at times feel like your last hope.  I want to reassure you that no matter what it is you come to speak about, I am not here to judge you in any way and I will listen carefully to get the best possible understanding of how you are feeling.  

I offer an initial 50 minute session at a reduced fee of £35, as I feel it is important to allow you this time to experience what a session may feel like and to discuss any queries you may have.  In this session, as with all further counselling sessions, this is a space for you to share what you feel comfortable with and we can begin to explore together what is going on for you.  This session also gives you the opportunity to get to know me as your counsellor and to consider whether you feel comfortable and safe to continue counselling.

Please be reassured that you are under no pressure to book a follow up appointment.  All Clients are given the opportunity to go home and take in what has been discussed before making the decision whether to continue.  

To book an initial appointment please get in contact.